Short summer holiday in Italy

Philipp Eichhorn • • italy and vacation

A mere 15 degrees and almost constant rain here in Germany, caused me and my girlfriend to spend a couple of days away in Linguria, Italy. We found a small apartment in a town called Rapallo, very close to the sea, and from there ventured around to explore the area.

On our way down we stopped over for one night by a friend in Guastalla. After some walking around we discovered a bar called Peace in Po (named after the River), which had interesting souvenirs all over the place.

After having arrived in Rapallo we took a whole day to explore the city, walk along the sea front and get our first real Italian ice cream.

After the previous lazy day,  we did a day trip to Cinque Terre, a famous collection of 5 very small villages built into the mountains that rise directly from the ocean. While we didn’t quite manage to see all 5 (the temptation to jump into the cool water every now and then was just too big), here are some impressions of the four that we did manage to visit.

Over the next couple of days we took the boat to see Portofino, a small harbor located in a beautiful nature reserve, …

…, did another day trip, this time to Genua Nervi …

… and the larger neighbor city of Genua.

And finally, the best for last ❤