Philipp Eichhorn • • hong kong and indonesia trip

Over Chinese new Year two friends of mine and I spent 4 days in Indonesia. We stayed at a place called Cianjur Adventure, which is about 100 km south of the capital Jakarta.

At the airport an old man greeted us and we drove for about 5 hours through horrible traffic to Cianjur, where we were lead to a small bamboo hut which was supposed to be our home for the next 4 days. The hut was surrounded by rice fields and two Mosques, which dutifully called to prayer every morning at 4 am.

On Saturday we spent the day hiking to Mount Mananggel, which lead through a vast number of rice fields and eventually ended up in a stream hike to get to the top. The trip was a lot of fun but all of us got a lot dirtier than expected, but then it was raining season in Indonesia.

After still being a little worn out from the day before, we choose to visit a nearby Botanical Garden that was built during the Dutch occupation. The park was very well maintained with a large number of different plants, especially a big cacti collection.

As we still had time after the garden, our guide brought us to a what they call “floating village”, which was a collection of floating house with attached fish farms.

On our last day in Cianjur we first visited a local market in the morning, which was stuffed with all kinds of fruits and vegetables that have been grown locally.

Our last trip was to a tea plantation, where we could see all kinds of tea leaves, which, to be quite honest, really did look the same for the most part.

Back in Jakarta our last hours were sent trying to find a good harbor view, which we did not quite manage. Instead we passed by a small carnival that was setup between two bridges.

Last but not least, besides a really beautiful nature and landscape, Indonesia has pretty much every type of fruit that you can find in a supermarket and probably more. Thanks to our guides from Cianjur Adventure we had a chance to try most of what was currently in season, the best one being the Cacao fruit, which has a white, soft and very sweet inside.