Off Track Hiking up the Lantau Peak

Philipp Eichhorn • • hong kong

After a couple of weeks with almost no sunshine and mostly rain and wind, the weather finally turned to its bright side again over the last weekend. We took the chance to go hiking on an offtrack trail up to the Lantau Peak.

Special about this hike is the very beautiful view almost all along the trail. It starts out by being able to see the big Buddah statue in the distance when getting off at Shek Pik Reservoir, which is almost at sea level, and ends by having a great overview over the international airport.

Some impressions from going up:

From the top of the Lantau Peak there are stairs leading down to the Tian Tan Buddah, the biggest sitting bronze statue of Buddah. It is a quite famous tourist attraction, hence the rather well maintained stairs and big crowd. Very close to the statue is the Po Lin Monastery, which features a lot of incense burning and colorful gardens.

Route to the Lantau Peak

For those of you who are interested in doing the same hike up to the Lantau Peak, here is a quick description on how to find it:

Getting there: when coming from the Tung Chung MTR station, take the bus which goes up to the Po Lin Monastery (Bus No. 23). Get of right before the dam of the Shek Pik Reservoir. When standing on the dam you should be able to see the sitting Buddah in the distance.

Finding the entrance: from where the bus dropped you off, hike back up the street for a couple of minutes, until you find the entrance to the Shek Pik Country Trail. Once there cross the cross the stone bridge to find the official hiking trail. You’ll have to follow this trail for about 15 minutes, going up stairs until it somewhat levels out. Keep on the lookout for small colorful ribbons to your right. There should be a clearing in the vegetation, hinting at the offtrack hike that will get you to the peak. Enter there and keep following the ribbons until you get to the top.