Goodbye Hong Kong

Philipp Eichhorn • • hong kong

Its crazy how fast time flies when you are not paying attention. Last week was the last for me in Hong Kong and I have now gone back to Germany. Going through some of the pictures that have not made their way into any posts so far, I discovered a couple that are still worth sharing, but wouldn’t justify a blog entry on their own as there are simply too few. Hence I will post them now, both to share them with you, but also as a way to say Goodbye Hong Kong.

Sai Kung Area

Probably one of the most beautiful places to get away from the city and spend a day hiking or chilling at the beach.

Horse Races

A great place for a Wednesday night out.

Hong Kong City

… packed with skyscrapers no matter where you look.

Christmas decoration

The Chinese for sure love preparing for Christmas.


There are lots of them, especially Buddhism seems to be very popular, not just because they have the Big Buddah on Lantau Island.

Yummy food

Good thing that Hong Kong is so very international. If you can name what you want to eat, chances are high you’ll find somebody selling it you.

Goodbye Hong Kong

So, what’s left to say? It was a truly great and crazy time, filled with many good memories that I will never forget. At this point I want to send out a big thank you to my family and girlfriend for supporting me in this adventure, it would not have been possible without you guys!! In that spirit goodbye Hong Kong, I’m sure we’ll see each other again one day.