The Android Challenge

Philipp Eichhorn • • coding and android

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Taking up a New Year’s resolution never really worked for me, but this year it just might. A friend of mine and I are planning (and actively working on!) on something we are calling the Android Challenge. For this challenge we will develop and release one Android app every month for one year, creating a total of 12 apps in 2015.

Now, January is well over and we are happy to announce that our first app has been official published in the Google Play Store (well, 2 days late anyways). It’s a remake of the child game memory, but instead of having people crowd around one device to participate, it allows multiple devices to connect with each other and through that form one big playingfield.

If you want to take to have a look the app is called FlippyPairs and can be found here:

Get it on Google Play

The source is open source an can be found on GitHub. Also make sure to check out our project site for this challenge,!

Some impressions from our first app: